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Smart Project for Schools

rsav-people-logoSPS enables students to engage in the Understanding of hardware and software Applications, Programming for technical competence. They will be involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual Presentation, personal computers, and laptops to Practically Operations.

Our SPS programs in Computer Systems teach students the planning, development, testing Electronics and computer hardware manufacturing, as well as computer networks for the transmission of data and multimedia. Our SPS Programs in Computer provide the knowledge and skills necessary to advance and develop, install new paradigms for the development web sites, electron testing, evaluation and deployment of state-of-the-art hardware and software systems that include computing, communications and networking, Mini Projects sensor ,motors, timers and actuation.

SPS Objectives

  1. He/she can type 60-80 wpm by using computer
  2. He/she can understand laptop/desktop/tab/cctv camera operations,smart phones & its Components
  3. He/she can format & Install operating system with smart methods
  4. He/she can design home page of website which is core to every websites.
  5. He/she can create professional Presentation & apply with projector practicals
  1. He/she can type 60-80 wpm by using computer
  2. He/she can use Ms office (ms word ,Ms Excel , Ms Power Point)Programme effectively
  3. He/she can use well practically All In One printers /camera/scanner/mic/personal computer/cctv Surveillance
  4. He/she can assemble /Deassemble Laptop or Desktop with understanding practically.
  5. He/she can Deploy Operating System & other Apps or Drivers to perfect Ready for their use.
  6. He/she can understand programming benefits,techniques,debugging,compile with 100% practicals in C language.
  1. He/she can type 60-80 wpm by using computer
  2. He/she can develop Programmes by using c language.
  3. He/she can understand editing techniques of photos and videos with practicals.
  4. He/she can understand Electronic/Electricals appliance work & practically soldering /testing with multimeter.
  1. He/she can type 60-80 wpm by using computer
  2. He/she can create database,documents,presentation with professional approach.
  3. He/she can develop complete static website live.
  4. He/she can do electronic projects (water pump,car,door alarm,sensor security,water level indicator)
  5. he/she can do formatting/installation of software ,smart phones technical usage,network wifi connectivty

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